IPRN Numbers - Premium Rate Numbers in India

IPRN in India :- The most common uses of this service are competition lines, premium support and tipsters. Premium support lines generally use a form of group diversion service where the caller is patched straight through to a member of the customer services team and if the first person is engaged it moves on to the next person and so on until the caller is connected. The competition lines works with a switchboard, an answerphone and two information lines. The caller is then asked to select an answer to a question and then the calls are diverted between correct and incorrect answers. The former are invited to leave their contact details, the latter to try again. The tipsters' lines are the most straightforward as they are there to provide tips on racing and callers are connected straight through, listen to the tip and the disconnect.

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International Premium Rate Numbers Services Reseller Online

IPRN Reselling Online If you have ever searched on the telephone news about the weather, contests, celebrity news, horoscopes, contacted psychics, voted for a TV-show or requested gambling tips; you are likely to have called a premium rate number. Many companies use international premium rate numbers as a micro-payment system for their customers. International premium rate numbers can be reached by mobile or landline telephone, and they provide services for prices higher than the normal telephone rate. 

Part of the call charge is paid to the telephone company- the normal rate- and part of the charge - that which is above the normal rate- goes to the IPRN service provider. Since these numbers are accessed at a higher rate and sometimes offer services with adult content telephone companies offer the possibility- and in some certain situations they are obligated to do so by law- of blocking services to prevent unwanted access to these numbers from landlines, especially by young children.


Diversify Your Business With International Premium Rate Numbers ( IPRN )

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