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If you have ever searched on the telephone news about the weather, contests, celebrity news, horoscopes, contacted psychics, voted for a TV-show or requested gambling tips; you are likely to have called a premium rate number. Many companies use international premium rate numbers as a micro-payment system for their customers. International premium rate numbers can be reached by mobile or landline telephone, and they provide services for prices higher than the normal telephone rate. 

International premium rate numbers ( IPRN )

Part of the call charge is paid to the telephone company- the normal rate- and part of the charge - that which is above the normal rate- goes to the IPRN service provider. Since these numbers are accessed at a higher rate and sometimes offer services with adult content telephone companies offer the possibility- and in some certain situations they are obligated to do so by law- of blocking services to prevent unwanted access to these numbers from landlines, especially by young children.

Premuim Rate numbers are available worldwide, in most European countries, in the United States, Canada and some South American, Asian and African countries; however, they are used in different manners. While, in many European countries, customer service lines are operated on premium-rate numbers, such services are free in North America. Premium rate numbers have a well established form that distinguishes them from other phone numbers and are known to all residents of a country. 

The form of the premium rate number changes depending on charge, as well as on its content. For example in Austria for premium rate numbers that charge per minute, the 0900 prefix is used, for those that charge per call the 0901 prefix is used. Premium rate numbers with adult content have the 0930 prefix. In the Czech Republic "900" numbers are generally known as primium rate numbers, such as that of the Ministry of Defense (973) or the Czech railways (972). 

In Finland, it is common knowledge that premium rate numbers are numbers starting with 0700 and 0600, with 0700 standing for services and 0600 for entertainment. In the United States, premium numbers are known as 900 or 1-900 numbers, ever since 1977. In order for a premium rate number to become international, the specific number of the country is used to divert the call to any destination around the world.

As all money making opportunities premium rate numbers have also proven to be quite popular with scam artists looking to cheat honest people. One of the most popular current scams involves messages sent to your mobile phone letting you know that you have won a prestigious prize and prompting you to call back to find out the details. The number you should use for calling back is a premium rate number with an extremely high charge that will inflate your phone bill in just a couple of minutes. Another popular internet related scam prompted customers to download a program known as Dialer that would secretly dial a premium-rate number and charge it to the user's phone bill. Other scams include, but are not limited to, messages asking you to confirm a booking or respond to a fax or a missed call.


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